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Sandra Garcia / Encounter Your Potential


What I Do

I use corporate marketing and strategy techniques learned in my past life to breath life into the business strategies of the businesses of today and tomorrow! 

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Sandra Garcia / Encounter Your Potential

A Marketing and Branding Strategist and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant.

A results-driven and self-motivated Afro-Latina with a passion for workplace diversity. As the founder of Encounter Your Potential, she’s helped businesses grow, sustain, and transform. Sandra combines her diversity and inclusion leadership experience with her sales and marketing background to create, execute, and enhance organizational diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. As an Afro-Latina, she’s experienced the multicultural world, which drove her to create a virtual space where other businesswomen like her could share their own experiences.


She is the founder of Encounter Your Potential where she develops and executes strategies that use marketing as the pillar for achieving business goals and driving revenue. As a full-time entrepreneur Sandra's growing list of businesses served includes Google, JP Morgan Chase, HSBC Bank Toronto, Vevo, The Howard University School of Divinity, and Capco Consulting. 

An Actionable Speaker

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Sandra is a professional speaker and corporate trainer with presentation and on stage experience. Her presentations are relatable, informative, and actionable.

Good Marketing, whether internal or external, Drives Business Results


And so, I Help People and Their Teams Encounter Their Max Potential Using the Power of Marketing

Sandra Garcia / Encounter Your Potential

Grow with Google

Digital Coaches Programming

Grow with Google Digital Coaches provide digital skills training and coaching to help Black and LatinX small businesses reach new customers, thrive online, and grow.

Join us for digital skills workshops, hands-on coaching and opportunities to meet and learn from successful businesses in your community.

Have An Idea You Want To Further Explore But Don't Know Where To Start?

Having someone to bounce ideas off of can make a world of a difference. Let's join forces in thinking through getting you started, unstuck, or offering a new perspective. 

Sandra Garcia / Encounter Your Potential

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